Welcome to the Alumni Career Mentor Program

Here, University of Phoenix graduates who want to share their professional expertise connect with students and alumni who are looking for career guidance and mentorship. This program is exclusively for University of Phoenix students and alumni.

The program offers mentees an opportunity to develop valuable business contacts, gain access to industry information and benefit from insights from graduates.

For mentors the program is a chance to share professional expertise with someone in the same or similar field. It also is an opportunity to develop coaching, communication and leadership skills.

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Benefits of participation

For mentees

  • Build your professional network
  • Enhance your awareness of issues in your field
  • Gain support and encouragement from a mentor
  • Increase your competence and effectiveness as a professional
  • Become exposed to new ideas, practices, and people
  • Improve your understanding of opportunities and obstacles at work
  • Discover the importance of seeking out mentors in life

For mentors

  • Extend your network and develop relationships with up-and-coming talent
  • Share valuable knowledge gained as result of your experience
  • Develop coaching, communication, and leadership skills
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives on issues in your field
  • Motivate a person to raise his or her level of professional attainment
  • Contribute to the success of other University of Phoenix students and graduates
  • Gain personal satisfaction by engaging in a meaningful volunteer opportunity

For any questions contact us at: 1-800-795-2586